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CTZN is one of the most popular and well established venues in the South East of England and hosts thousands of people on a weekly basis.

Famous for its atmosphere and emphasis on providing the best service to its clientele CTZN has a reputation as one of the premier brands in the nightclub industry.

Partnering with StampOut since early 2016 the venue has fully embraced what the system can do for its operations and we are delighted to be a part of their events.

"I have worked with many service providers in the club industry over the years and, I can honestly say, none of them have gone to the lengths that StampOut have to make their product work for us. When a request for a tweak to the product is made, it is normally sorted within a few days. I have said to the team, several times, they go above and beyond, and are always available should a rare, issue occur. I look forward to continuing to make use of this excellent service, and to the development that is constantly being made."

Circuit Essex

Another well-known and luxury nightlife brand in the South East, Circuit Essex began using StampOut in 2016.

A venue known for hosting some of the hottest up and coming talent in the country, Circuit remains on the cutting edge of the nightclub industry.

Dusk Stirling

Known for its huge student population (some 20,000) Stirling is one of the most exciting city’s in the U.K. and its nightclubs are no exception with Dusk known as one of the best.

A partner of StampOut since summer 2015, Dusk utilise StampOut to administer its mammoth guestlist throughout the week. None more so than its legendary weekly event Skint Tuesday which attracts hundreds of student’s from across the city.

"StampOut has been a positive addition to our nightclubs management processes and has enabled us to streamline our guest list. We rely on StampOut now to ensure that our guests are managed in the most efficient way possible."
~ Adam, General Manager

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